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Get Financing

Need apartment or commercial property financing?  Bro-Deals manages niche sources of capital providers for tailored financing solutions.


Bro-Deals creates and manages real estate syndications in Arizona and California.  We have both debt and equity investment opportunities.

Inheritance Advance

Bro-Deals can end the wait for inheritance pay-outs.  With an inheritance advance, a portion of your future inheritance can be realized when it is most needed.

Buyer's Agent

Bro-Deals acts as a buyer's agent specializing in purchases in the South Bay of Los Angeles, CA with the goal of creating equity upon close.

Bro-Deals has the inside scoop. Utilize Bro-Deals as a resource leveraging your network and maximizing your investment decisions.

Bro-Deals was founded in Los Angeles as a California Bureau of Real Estate DBA in 2004. The concept of the "bro-deal" was simple.  If we can help, we will, and at a cost we'd charge only my family and friends. If we can't add value, we know who can and will have no hesitation to refer.  We've been around a long time and know how to close deals.  

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